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Job Preparation

Helping students prepare for that all-important first job interview, or a new job is a vital part of the day to day function of Career Services.  We help students prepare through Resume Preparation & Critique (including grad school admission essays, cover letters), Practice Interviews, Credential (Placement) Files, Letters of Recommendation and On-and Off Campus Career Events.

Resume Preparation & Critique

The Career Services staff regularly critiques resumes and cover letters for students and alumni.  You can also get help writing grad school essays.  Simply bring your documents in or email them.   View Helpful Resources, Career Services' on-line resource of handouts, which are also available in paper format from the office or the hallway kiosk.

Career Services also provides resume writing guidelines and a large volume of resume samples illustrating various layouts, methods of construction, type size and font for student use.  A few good on-line sources for resume construction and samples are StudentCenterResume Dictionary  or College Grad Hunter.  A more complete list of resouces can be found on the Job Search page.

Practice Interviews

Students are encouraged to polish their communication skills by participating in a video-taped practice interview.  The 30 minute interview is followed by review and discussion.

Interview attire is required and resumes are recommended.  Make an appointment with the Career Services office.  You may also take advantage of any workshops on interviewing skills offered by Career Services.

For on-line help preparing for interviews, complete with practice questions and answers, visit Student Center or College Grad Hunter.   

Credential (Placement) Files

Who Should I Establish a File?

  • All prospective teacher candidates.
  • Graduate school candidates.
  • Anyone who would like to keep a record of recommendations for use in the job search

Why Should I Establish a File?

  • A Credential File is a central file of information that serves as an unofficial record of the candidate's degree program, and includes letters of reference from those people who can give support to your candidacy.  
  • The file is used by potential employers or graduate school admission committees.  It is mailed to prospective employers/schools at the request of the candidate or at the request of the employer/school.

It is important to update the file periodically with new references from employers, graduate coursework, and any other changes you would like to make.  Career Services will maintain files as "active" for a minimum period of ten (10) years.

Forms to Complete

Contact Career Services. You will be provided the necessary forms and instructions electronically or in paper form, for your convenience.  Instructions will be provided.  A fee of $25.00 covers processing costs for opening the file and an initial ten (10) pre-paid mailings of each file.


A TRANSCRIPT IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY PLACED IN YOUR FILE.  If you want one in your file, you will need to request one from the Academic Records Office.  at 585-567-9350, or ext. 3500.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Decide who you will ask to provide written letters of recommendation for you.  Professors, cooperating teachers, and past employers may be willing to submit a letter of reference.
  • Make sure they are willing to provide you with a favorable recommendation.
  • If you know the qualifications and skills the employer is seeking, ask your recommender to address these topics in their letter of reference. 

On & Off-Campus Career Events

Career Services hosts on-campus, career-related workshops and events, as well as providing transportation to off-campus job fairs and other events of interest.

  • Annual events include a Fall Graduate School Fair, an Internship & Summer Employment Day in February, and one or more Career/Employment/Professionals Day.  These on-campus events are free of charge and open to all interested students.
  • Off-campus events include Teacher Recruitment Days, Law School Fairs, and various employment fairs in the Buffalo or Rochester Area.