A Message to Current Students

I do hope that you will consider the Counseling Center as a resource for you during your time at Houghton. I think one of the reasons I went into this type of work was because I specifically did not take advantage of similar services offered at my alma mater. I didn’t even know a counseling center existed.  If you are reading this, you have made it to our website. 

Since you’ve gone this far, browse a bit more and check out some of the free confidential screening available.  Or, perhaps you’d like to listen to a relaxation tape or maybe browse the virtual pamphlet collection on numerous topics from campuses all over the country. Looking for resource information on a mental health topic for that 5 page paper?  Check out our drop down list of numerous links covering most every campus mental health concern.

And of course if you’d like to speak to a counselor, even if only for a consultation, or maybe for a series of sessions...please stop by the office located adjacent the Campus Store.  Let us be a resource for you.

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