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Team Captain

General responsibility - to serve as the spokesperson/ liaison between your team and the Intramural Department.

  1. Submit an official team roster to the Intramural Office by the designated deadline. I would like it done by using the intramural web site, but I will accept rosters that are handed to me by the captain
  2. Attend the team captain’s meeting.
  3. Hand out a schedule to each team member.
  4. Inform your team of the sport rules as established by the Intramural Department.
  5. Notify team members to be at the designated game site on time. Game play begins at the stated time. The 10 minutes grace period should be used only when necessary. A forfeit will occur if a team fails to field a team within 10 minutes.
  6. Sign-out ball (if needed for warm up or game) from the Proctor Station with your ID card. You are responsible for returning that ball
  7. Notify your team members about what color they are to wear for that game. The two colors are white and non- white. (Note- Light ash gray shirts are hard to differentiate, so please do not wear them.)
  8. Designate a “sub-captain” if you have to miss a game. Review with that person the team captain’s responsibilities.
  9. The team captain is responsible for their team’s behavior. Make every effort to see that your players are participating in a healthy, sportsmanship manner.
  10. Inappropriate behavior (i.e. profanity, swearing, yelling, and flagrant tripping) may be grounds for ejection from the game or permanent suspension for Intramural competition. See that players who appear angry or out-of –control are substituted out so that they may cool off.
  11. If a player on the team is ejected from a game, see that the player immediately leaves the building or the team is subject to a forfeit. That person may not return to competition till they have met with the Intramural Director.
  12. Only the captain can speak with the official to question a call. Other team members absolutely may not argue a call, or they may be subject to a technical foul, yellow card, or possible ejection.
  13. If a team forfeits 2 games during a playing season, they will automatically be ejected from the league. Other teams will then be notified.
  14. If you know ahead of time that your team will have to forfeit a game, please notify the intramural director immediately, so that he can notify the other team, officials and supervisors scheduled to work that game.