A Christian College of the Liberal Arts & Sciences
2014 Spring Co-ed Volleyball Intramurals 
A League                
DATE TIME COURT GAME # Home vs Away WINNER Official/Supervisor
31-Mar 8:15pm A   A1   A2  A2 Jackie/Hattie
3-Apr 8:15pm B   A1   A3  A1 Alyssa/Maesa
15-Apr 8:15pm B   A1   A4  A4  Kevin/Alyssa
10-Apr 8:15pm A   A1   A5  A5  Hattie/Kevin
8-Apr 8:15 A   A1   A6  A6  Kevin/Maesa
1-Apr 8:15pm B   A1   A7  A7 Kevin/Alyssa
2-Apr 8:15pm A   A2   A3  A3 Maesa/Jackie
7-Apr 8:15pm A   A2   A4  A4  Jackie/Hattie
8-Apr 8:15pm B   A2   A5  A5  Kevin/Maesa
10-Apr 8:15pm B   A2   A6  A2  Hattie/Kevin
23-Apr 9:15pm A   A2   A7    Kevin/Alyssa
31-Mar 8:15pm B   A3   A4  A4 Jackie/Hattie
14-Apr 8:15pm A   A3   A5  A5  Maesa/Jackie
9-Apr 8:15pm A   A3   A6  A6  Alyssa/Jackie
23-Apr 8:15pm A   A3   A7    Kevin/Alyssa
2-Apr 8:15pm B   A4   A5  A4 Maesa/Jackie
14-Apr 8:15pm B   A4   A6  A4  Maesa/Jackie
9-Apr 8:15pm B   A4   A7  A7  Alyssa/Jackie
1-Apr 8:15pm A   A5   A6  A6 Kevin/Alyssa
7-Apr 8:15pm B   A5   A7  A7  Jackie/Hattie
3-Apr 8:15pm A   A6   A7  A6 Alyssa/Maesa
      1 A4   Bye    
24-Apr 8:15pm A
A6   B5  rescheduled  Jackie/Kevin
24-Apr 8:15pm B 3 A7   B2    Jackie/Kevin
28-Apr 10:15pm B 2 A6 B5 Hattie/Maesa
29-Apr 9:15pm B 4 A5   B3    Hattie/Kevin
29-Apr 10:15pm B 5 A4   Winner Game 4    Hattie/Kevin
29-Apr 10:15pm A 6 A6   A7    Hattie/kevin
30-Apr 9:15pm B 7 A4   A6 Championship  Jackie/Alyssa
B League                
31-Mar 9:15pm A   B1   B2  B1 Jackie/Hattie
3-Apr 9:15pm B   B1   B3  B1 Alyssa/Maesa
15-Apr 9:15pm B   B1   B4  B4  Kevin/Alyssa
10-Apr 9:15pm A   B1   B5  B1  Hattie/Kevin
22-Apr 9:15pm A   B1   B6  B6  Kevin/Maesa
1-Apr 9:15pm B   B1   B7  B1 Kevin/Alyssa
2-Apr 9:15pm A   B2   B3  B3 Maesa/Jackie
7-Apr 9:15pm A   B2   B4  B4  Jackie/Hattie
23-Apr 9:15pm B   B2   B5    Kevin/Alyssa
10-Apr 9:15pm B   B2   B6  B6  Hattie/Kevin
22-Apr 8:15pm B   B2   B7  B7  Maesa/Hattie
31-Mar 9:15pm B   B3   B4  B4 Jackie/Hattie
14-Apr 9:15pm A   B3   B5  B3  Maesa/Jackie
9-Apr 9:15pm A   B3   B6  B3  Alyssa/Jackie
23-Apr 8:15pm B   B3   B7    Kevin/Alyssa
2-Apr 9:15pm B   B4   B5  B4 Maesa/Jackie
14-Apr 9:15pm B   B4   B6  B4  Maesa/Jackie
9-Apr 9:15pm B   B4   B7  B4  Alyssa/Jackie
1-Apr 9:15pm A   B5   B6  B6 Kevin/Alyssa
7-Apr 9:15pm B   B5   B7  B7  Jackie/Hattie
3-Apr 9:15pm A   B6   B7  B6 Alyssa/Maesa
      1 B4   Bye    
24-Apr 9:15pm A 2 B6   A1    Jackie/Kevin
24-Apr 9:15pm B 3 B1   A2    Jackie/Kevin
28-Apr 8:15pm B 4 B7   A3    Hattie/Maesa
28-Apr 9:15pm B 5 B4   B7    Hattie/Maesa
29-Apr 8:15pm A 6 B6   B1    Hattie/Kevin
29-Apr 9:15pm A 7 B4   B1 Championship  Hattie/Kevin
30-Apr 10:15pm B   A4   B4 Overall Champ  Jackie/Alyssa