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Indoor Soccer

1.  Teams will consist of 5 players and a goalie, played on two basketball courts.

2.  Official Ball: futbol.

3.   Open Substitution (may substitute on the fly) as long as the team making the substitution does not gain an unfair advantage.

4.   Games will consist of two 20-minute halves, running time.  There will be a 5-minute half time.

5.  Teams must be ready for competition no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.  A team must have at least 4 players in order to start the game.

6.  An out of bounds ball or dead ball is put in play with a goal kick (not a goalie throw in).  Balls striking the running track or mezzanine, balls striking the purple railing, balls crossing into adjoining courts, the “net” portion of the curtain divider, and balls which become lodged in bleachers, corners, etc. will be considered out of bounds.

7.  A ball trapped behind the goal will be a goal kick or a corner kick depending on the last person to touch it.

8.  Corner kicks are taken one yard from the end wall on the sideline.  This happens following an out of bounds ball off of a defensive player, over the end line.  Opponents must be 5 ft. from the person kicking the ball in.

9.  All fouls result in indirect kicks except for a foul in the penalty box which will result in a penalty kick.

10.  Goal area will be taped onto the floor.

11.     A goalie must have one foot in the legal area/crease if he/she plans to pick up the ball at the side of the goal.

12.     The goalkeeper cannot throw the ball across mid-court line, unless it touches the ground before it crosses.  Goal kicks cannot cross mid-court on the fly.  These restarts must touch a player before crossing mid-court.  Punting is not allowed.

13.     Goals may be scored from any place on the court.  However, shots taken from more than half court that hit the end wall result in a goal kick.

14.   No two-hands on the wall at one time – results in an indirect free kick at that point.

15.   No slide tackles.  Goalies cannot slide out of the goal crease.  All slide tackles by the goalie will be a judgment call of the officials.  Results in indirect free kick.

16.   Players may not intentionally touch the goalie if the goalie has possession.  A 2-minute penalty will be awarded if this occurs.

17.   Flagrant personal fouls, i.e. tripping, pushing, foul language, etc. will result in a two-minute penalty.  Players will be ejected for flagrant fouls such as fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct (including cursing at an opponent or official).  When ejected, the player must leave the building immediately or the team will forfeit.  If a players is ejected from the game, they must then play a player down for the rest of the game.

18.  On a second penalty the player will have fouled out of the game.  The player may be substituted for.

19. Penalty kicks are taken for handballs or flagrant fouls in the crease.  Any other foul is a free kick (defenders should allow 5 feet or goal line.  Go on the touch, not the whistle).

20.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will remain a tie.

If there are any questions please contact the intramural director