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Coed Water Polo

1. Teams listed first on the schedule will be the home team and wear white shirts. The second team listed must wear dark shirts.

2. Teams are made up of 7 members (includes 1 goalie).  At least 3 women must be in the water at all times.  If a team is short a woman, they must play 1 player down.  In order to start a game, each team must have 5 players (2 women).

3. Play starts with each team touching their defensive side of the pool.  The referee will toss the ball into the center of the pool and blow the whistle to start the game.

4. No holding opponents tube, no holding or hacking opponents, no pushing or dunking, no kicking or holding the ball under water, no punching the ball, and no intentional splashing.

5. Out-of-bounds balls are played by the team that did not touch it last at the place where the ball left the playing area: EXCEPT when it goes across an end line – then, if the attacking team last touched the ball, the goalie throws it in.  If the defending team last touched the ball, the offensive team is given a throw-in from the nearest corner.

6. The ball cannot be played by a player out of his/her tube.  In order to be considered in the tube, a player’s upper body must be in contact with the tube.  No sitting on the tube.

7. Goalies may not throw the ball past center pool.  They may sit on the metal lip of the pool gutter, but must have both feet in the water.  Goalies may be added as an extra attacker.

8. Time will be kept by the referees.  There will be two 20-minute halves with a 3-minute half-time – running time.  Each team is allowed 1 time-out per half  (can carry over).

9. Players will serve a 2-minute penalty for flagrant misconduct.

10. Ejection from the game will occur upon a second warning of misconduct.  The team will play 1 player down in the case of an ejection.

11. If the ball is the only thing between an offensive player and the net, a “break away,” and a defensive player or goalie causes an illegal infraction, there will be a free shot.

12. On a penalty shot, the rebound is live.

13. There will be no side-of-pool advantage.  Walls can only be used to push off during a throw-in.

14. All restarts will be executed as indirect throws (meaning someone else must touch the ball) unless the violation is a flagrant foul, in which case the throw will be direct.

15. The ball may not be stripped away from a person with possession of the ball.  If a player places two hand on the ball, they have 3 seconds to remove one hand and may not place both hands on the ball again in that same possession.

16. If the nets move during play the ball will be rewarded to the defense.

17. For purposes of this sport, team roster size is limited to 16 players – 4 players may be non-students.