Family Living Exemption (FLE)

Student Life Policy Adopted July 11, 2003 

I.  Definition of a Family Living Exemption (FLE) 

  1.  An FLE is a special and rare exemption, initiated by the homeowner,  granted to certain students, who, due to financial difficulties, could not attend Houghton College without this exemption. This policy will allow them to forgo the obligation of being in college housing and on a college meal plan. 
  2.  The FLE may be granted to a student who instead will live with a local family, in essence,  as a member of their family, not paying room or board charges, or any hidden fees. 
  3.  The only “charge” may be in helping with chores, child/elderly care, etc. 
  4. Generally, meals will be taken with the family, though a 7 meal plan may be purchased for lunches while the student is on campus.

II.  Guidelines for Who Should Be Granted a Family Living Exemption  

The FLE should have a very limited purpose.  It should be reserved for:

  1. MKs/TCK and International students with legitimate financial hardship.  
  2. Family members (the student would live with an Aunt, Uncle,  Grandparent, older sibling).  
  3. Students who are offered free room and board by a HC faculty/staff member. 

III.  FLE Application Process 

  1. The homeowner who will be offering the Family Living Exemption will request an FLE form from the Office of Student Life.   
  2. Upon carefully reading the form, the homeowner will meet with the Associate Director of Housing to discuss the application and sign the form. 
  3. A letter from the student’s parents requesting this exemption must be submitted to the Office of Student Life. 
  4. Applicants will be notified about the status of their request.  Those applications which are rejected will receive the reasons in writing/email.   

If a student or family feel that a Family Living Exemption is required for the student's attendance at Houghton College due to financial hardships but a stated condition of the policy cannot be met, the student may appeal the decision to the Director of Residence Life for consideration.  It is important to understand that exceptions will be made only in rare circumstances where extenuating circumstances exist.