Residence Life | Individual Early Arrival Request

All students who are returning to campus are welcome to move back starting at noon on Saturday, August 25th.

Students requesting to arrive early to campus in the Fall should submit this form no later than July 31st. The form is now closed. Please direct any questions to

All students arriving early who are not part of an official college function or program will be responsible to provide for their own meals. Students can use cash at our dining facilities. Meal plans begin on Saturday before fall classes begin.

Requests for students who have been invited back to campus early by staff or faculty for participation in official college programs or functions (Athletics, Residence Life, CAB, Custodial, Writing Lab, etc.) must be submitted by the sponsoring faculty or staff member.  Please check with your sponsoring faculty or staff member if you are unsure whether you are on their list of students they intend to have back to campus early. Your sponsoring faculty or staff member will communicate to you your date of arrival.

Approved reasons for early arrival are as follows:

  • Sibling(s) of an approved student and do not live within 75 miles of Houghton’s Main campus.  Students in this category will be charged $25.00 per day that they are in campus housing prior to the official opening of college residences. 
  • Students with long trips to campus (400+ miles from home address). These approvals will only allow students to arrive one day earlier than other returning students.
  • Students with extenuating circumstances.  These approvals will be given out very sparingly and students will be charged $75.00 per night that they are in campus housing prior to the official opening of college residences

Requests in the following categories by students not invited by faculty or staff will generally not be approved:

  • Local students (home address within 75 miles of Houghton’s main campus) without official college responsibilities.
  • Dropping off personal belongings before a student begins living in college housing.
  • Unapproved early arrivals: students showing up to campus without prior permission and desiring to stay in college housing will be charged $100.00 per night.
  • Students with approved roommates will not be allowed into campus housing early unless approved on their own merits under Houghton’s early arrival policy.
  • Students with summer leases ending before college residences open.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange housing for the full extent of the summer.
  • Students returning for non-college related business, employment, or activities.  This includes, but is not limited to off-campus employment, volunteer work, or other activities.  It is the student’s responsibility to secure off-campus housing for these activities prior to the official opening of the residences.