Off Campus Housing

Community Living Options (CLO)

Students who prefer to find housing for themselves within the Houghton community may apply for a Community Living Option (CLO). The number of CLO's assigned each year is established by the Office of Student Life office based on enrollment and housing capacities. Preference is given to students with the greatest number of earned credit hours. This means that most of the CLOs allotted are typically granted to Seniors, though Juniors may also apply. CLO application forms are available in January and students are notified in mid-February if they have been approved. Students with CLO's make arrangements directly with local landlords to rent rooms or apartments. Please note that when a student elects to leave college-owned housing, the college can no longer take any responsibility for the quality of their accommodations, furnishings, or financial arrangements with landlords. A listing of landlords in the community who typically rent to students is available in the Office of Student Life.

Student teachers/interns

Students in their semester of student teaching are free to locate off-campus housing. No CLO is necessary.

Family Living Exemptions

A Family Living Exemption (FLE) is a special and rare exemption, granted to certain students, who, due to financial difficulties, could not attend Houghton College without this exemption. This policy will allow them to forgo the obligation of being in college housing and on a college meal plan. For more information a copy of the FLE policy can be obtained in the office of Residence Life and Housing.

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