Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have received many questions concerning housing at Houghton from parents and students. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Q: When will I receive my roommate assignment?

A: New incoming students (both freshman and transfers) will receive room and roommate assignments by July 15 for the fall semester. Continuing students go through the housing process during the spring semester to pick both housing and a roommate.

Q: I want to bring a bicycle. Is there a place to put it?

A: Yes, each residence hall has a bike room. You can get a key for it from your residence hall director.

Q: What is the story with laundry facilities?

A: Each residence hall, and the townhouses have laundry facilities. And the good news is that it is free. However, you must use the facility in the building of which you are a resident. Using the laundry in another building may result in a fine of fifty dollars

Q: Are there kitchens in the residence halls?

A: Yes, Every floor in every hall has cooking facilities of some sort. The rule is that you must not leave the kitchen while food is being cooked. This is especially true of microwave popcorn!

Q: How are the residence halls cleaned?

A: Bathrooms and other common areas are cleaned by the Custodial staff. You are responsible for your own room. A vacuum and some cleaning supplies are available for your use.

Q: Are there storage facilities available?

A: Limited space is available in each hall. The college does not assume any responsibility for items lost or damaged after being placed into storage, so you will want to be careful what you store. Generally, furniture cannot be stored, nor can flammable petroleum products. There are commercial storage facilities for rent not far from the college for large items that cannot be taken home.

Q: Are extra long beds available?

A: In most cases, yes. Some beds are “standard” size (75" in length), but if you request an extra long mattress (80" in length) we will try to comply.

Q: Must I be on a meal plan?

A: Generally, yes. Freshman and Sophomores must be on the Full Access plan. Juniors and Seniors may move down to the 14 meals per week or the 170 block plan. Seniors in the townhouses or off campus may move down to the 7 meals per week or the 90 block plan if they prefer. Commuters, married students and nontraditional students may opt out of the meal plan if they wish.

Q: May I bring a refrigerator?

A: Yes, as long as it is a small one. Units up to about two cubic feet are permitted. Large refrigerators are not permitted.

Q: What is the rule on pets in college owned housing?

A: Only fish in aquariums are permitted. The aquariums must be unplugged over long breaks, so please take this in to account when considering whether to bring fish.

Q: Can I bring an air conditioner and hook it up in my room?

A: Sorry – air conditioners are not permitted. In most cases the windows would not accommodate one anyway. Air purifiers are permitted as long as they are small enough to sit on a desk and work quietly.

Q:  Can I get a single room?

A: Every year is different. It depends on enrollment numbers if any are available. So feel free to request one if you would like. Prices for a single room are about 50 percent higher than for a double room.

Q: May I choose my own roommate?

A: You may request a roommate. As long as the request is mutual, we will do all we can to bring it to pass. If the request is NOT mutual, we will not assign you as roommates.

Q: Can I get cable TV in my room?

A: The residence hall lounges are wired for cable. The student bedrooms are not. The townhouses are wired for cable.

Q: Is there Internet access in the rooms?

A: Yes, Every student will have Internet service in his or her room.

Q: May I bring a halogen lamp to campus?

A: Due to safety hazards associated with halogen lamps, they have been prohibited from campus.

Q: What furniture is supplied in residence halls?

A: Each student will have a bed, desk, chair, closet space and dresser space.