Room Change Policy

Room and roommate assignments are for the entire academic year. Room changes will not be granted for personality or hall preference related reasons.

The residential college experience is not without its challenges. Living in close proximity to others can sometimes cause disagreements and conflict to arise. If you are experiencing difficulty in your rooming situation, whether it be with your roommates, sinkmate, or floormates, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Working through conflict in community is an extremely valuable learning opportunity for you and the other people involved. Before declaring a living situation a lost cause, consider ways in which you can grow in and through this experience.
  2. Revisit your Roommate Conversation Guide and talk with your roommate(s) about potential solutions to the problems you perceive. 
  3. Talk with your RA or RD about what you are experiencing. Your RAs and RD have been thoroughly trained to coach you through these issues and , if necessary, conduct formal mediations to resolve larger conflicts. 
  4. Don't wait until you've had enough. The earlier you address an issue, the less likely it is for conflicts to snowball into larger disagreements.

Reasons for room changes will be considered on an individual basis. Physical and mental health reasons may require additional information from a physician, counselor or psychiatrist. Academic reasons may require additional information from the registrar or Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA).

Any other room changes based on roommate issues will not be granted until students have shown significant effort in resolving any issues that are present. If a formal mediation does not resolve the issues presented, a room change may be granted. In this case, the student who initially sought a room change may incur a $300 housing change fee, at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Residence Life & Programming.


If you are experiencing difficulty due to a physical or mental health reason, contact your RA or RD to initiate next steps.  As stated above, additional information/documentation may be required. 

If you are experiencing conflict with your roommate(s), you should seek guidance from your RA.  Your RA will walk you through a Conflict Resolution Guide in an effort to first resolve the conflict.  Mediation with your RA and/or RD may be a requirement if relational issues with your roommate are motivating the request.  Your RD will determine whether or not a room change will be approved after significant effort has been put forth to resolve any issues. 

If you have additional questions please contact