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Rides Needed

I need a ride from Herkimer, NY area located along the thruway around exit 30.  Available to go anytime after December 15th for the Spring 2015 semester.  Willing to pay for gas money.  Ask for Barbara.
I need a ride home for break and/or a ride back to College during Easter Break.  I live in central New York and can be dropped off at an exit along the tollway.  If I could get all the way to the Canastota exit, that would be great, but will take a ride even part way there.  The samegoes for the return trip.  I would be willing to meet someone further west at an exit if necessary.  Please email me if you cna help. katrina.relyea16@houghton.edu 
Are you a New Englander looking for a ride home for breaks?  Look on Facebook for the group, "Houghton College New Englanders" and join to find out about people driving to New England for breaks.


Rides Offered

I'm heading to Ohio around the Akron area for Thanksgiving Break.  I'll be taking I-86 W to I-90 W through Erie toward Cleveland.  I can drop people off on the way or even driving a little out of the way to help accommodate.  I'm planning on leaving at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 25th.  I do appreciate help with gas and typically ask for $10, but if that is an issue - let me know.  Please email me if you need a ride! zivana.mihalik15@houghton.edu 
Are you a New Englander with a car willing to drive others home for breaks?  Look on Facebook for the group "Houghton College New Englanders" and find out about people looking for rides back to New England for breaks.  
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