Senators: They are the Senate!

Below is a listing of this year's senators. The eight college senators represent the whole student body; any student can come to a college senator with a concern. The class senators (class president and two elected senators) respond directly to feedback from their class. 

College Senators:

Nick Cannistraci '13




Julian Cook '13




Wynn Horton '15

Wynn Horton is in his second year at Houghton College (and 8th in Houghton). He is currently a Political Science (Pre-law) major with philosophy. Wynn is involved in the drama and law clubs on campus and spent this past summer in rural Kenya working with Empowering Lives International at a Children’s Home. Wynn joins the Senate after a year of skeptical observation hoping to bring some new life and perspective to the Student Government Association.


Aaron Rider '15

My name is Aaron Rider. I am a sophomore majoring in history and in political science. My home is Adams County, Pennsylvania. I was raised by wonderful parents in a rural area near the battlefields of Gettysburg. A raising in such an area with such parents imbued in me a fondness for history, a love of outdoor activities, an inclination towards classic country music, an understanding of the necessity for disciplined work, and a profound respect for the United States military. Being an American citizen and a Christian, I like living right and being free. My objectives as a Houghton student government association member are to contribute to our college as much as possible while here and to collect experience that will enable me to be a Christian leader here and long after graduation.


Megan Specksgoor '13

Hey all, my name is Megan Specksgoor and I'm a senior Writing and English major with minors in art and Intercultural Studies. I love listening to stories, the fall season in Western New York, analogous animals, spontaneity, experiencing other cultures, and becoming increasingly fearless in small ways. I am committed to listening and discoursing with members of the student body on any subject that you feel is important and I look forward to talking with you...especially if you come bearing coffee. :)


Kala Stafford '13

Hi! I’m Kala. I am a senior Biology major with minors in Communications, Art, and Equestrian studies. In case that didn’t tip you off, I have a huge range of interests from Photoshop art to training horses. I enjoy reading (especially fiction, and especially in bookstores where I can also drink coffee and people-watch at the same time), photography, cooking (especially in times of high stress), and hugging fluffy animals. I also enjoy sleeping, but tend to not participate in that activity as much as is recommended, leading to a moderate coffee addiction. Upon graduating, I hope to pursue upper level Dressage as a competitive rider and trainer. I really enjoy working with horses with behavioral issues (because who wouldn’t like working with a crazy 1000 lb animal?) I enjoy being a Senator because it means that I can 1) talk to people and then bring their concerns directly to action, and 2) I can make a difference via Senator projects- no matter how big or small. I love seeing the differences that Senate actually does make on campus, and contributing to the college experience of future students.

Hannah Vardy '13


Senior Class:

Sydnie Cunningham '13

Sydnie is a Psychology/Sociology double-major who has minors in Business Administration and Australia/New Zealand Studies. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where she dabbled in student government in high school. Since coming to Houghton, she has thoroughly enjoyed attending Senate and seeing the work that is being done on behalf of the student body. Her goals as a senator are to strengthen Houghton’s ties with the outside community and to accurately represent her fellow students in the decisions and discussions that take place in Senate this year.


Ernest Chamberlain '13

Hello, I am Ernest, a senior Music BA major, with minors in Linguistics and Education. I am excited to serve as a senior class senator, and serve our campus as a whole. I come from a Colombian-American home, was homeschooled through 10th grade, and learned to appreciate music from early on. After Houghton, I hope to be a teacher in some capacity. I love playing piano and other instruments for the Lord, and singing hymns and praise songs with brothers and sisters in Christ.


Reagan Fisher '13

Hi, my name is Reagan Fisher and I am excited to be the senior class senator this next school year. I am Communication and Marketing major with a minor in Business. I hope to use my education to enter the world of marketing and start a business of my own someday. My hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting, and climbing. Not many know this, but I actually am a fish nerd. I have my own fish tank and I love learning about them. I am a part-time barber with my very own website. Cutting hair allows me to interact with students as well as provide a service. I am looking forward to this upcoming year with much anticipation. Being strengthened and challenged, ultimately for Gods glory.


Junior Class: 

Jordan Latouche '14


Andiana Sidell '14



Lauren Tideman '14




Sophomore Class: 

Collin Belt '15

Hello Everyone,
My name is Collin Matthew Belt and I am proud to represent the Class of 2015 as their President. As President, I feel that it is my duty to represent our passions, desires, and opinions both to the Senate and to the Class Cabinet. I have pledged to do my utmost to unite us as Christians, friends, and students. From games to worship events, I enjoy promoting the togetherness of both our Class and the campus as a whole.

That's who I am as president, but as a person, I'm really friendly and approachable, and I love to make new friends. I come from a tiny town named Seafoam in Nova Scotia, and I have always had an intense desire for social justice. My hobbies include video gaming, making movies, and playing board games until 3am. I have a quirky sense of humor that includes llamas and chipmunk voices. You should seriously ask me to do my chipmunk voice sometime. I'm passionately supportive of the people I care about, and will always stand up for my core beliefs.

Meghan English '15

After constant involvement in student government throughout high school, I always knew that it was something that I wanted to continue in college. I am a very strong believer in servant leadership; my job as a senator isn’t to vote or discuss issues based on just my own opinions or what would be best for me personally, but rather what my classmates have expressed to me as concerns and what would be in the best interest of my peers as a whole. On a personal note, I am a Sophomore Accounting major, avid trumpet player, and firm believer in the ability of Christ to transform absolutely anyone from the inside out. I believe that whether a person was born into the Christian community or entered later in life after having lived a very morally opposite lifestyle, we are all washed clean by the blood and wrapped in the unconditional love of the same Savior.

Matthew Grim '15




Freshman Class: 

Thomas Eckert '16

Thomas is a student from Bristow, VA. He was born in Buffalo, NY in 1994. Back home, two loving parents, two sometimes-loving younger brothers, and an ever-loving dog named Colby wait for him to return. He enjoys writing, reading, and pretending to speak French in art museums with his girlfriend. He is a prospective physics major who is participating in the Science Honors Program studying climate change. His average weekly consumption of coffee is most accurately measured in kiloliters.


RD Marek '16



Rebekah Bissett '16



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