SGA | Executive Officer of Spiritual Life

Andrew Sherman

Major: Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry

Andrew Sherman is a Junior Theology major (with a pastoral ministry concentration) serving as the Executive Officer of Spiritual Life, also known as the Student Body Chaplain. He is from Erie, Pennsylvania and spends his summers as a member of the Houghton College Summer Ministry Teams. He is a proud resident of Shenawana Hall and a committed Shen Blocer. In addition to this, he works at the Welcome Center and sings in the College Choir. Andrew also enjoys playing his instruments (piano, electric & acoustic guitar, and bass), listening to music, running, drinking coffee, spending time in nature, and is particularly passionate about laying down (be it in a hammock, bed, the grass, or really any “layable” surface). He is really excited to be a part of SGA as the EO of Spiritual Life because his main passion in life is ministry, particularly discipleship.

“It is my hope and prayer that through this position I can do my part to see that a culture of discipleship and disciple making continues to grow amongst our student body.” -Andrew Sherman

Favorite Verse: Ephesians 3: 17-18