Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

Students at Houghton College should be aware of the following Rights and Responsibilities in regard to their health care.

The Right to:

  • Treatment with consideration, respect and dignity
  • Privacy during physical examinations, interviews and discussions
  • Confidentiality of all records and disclosures except as required by law or when the patient gives written consent for release of information is given. 
  • Participate in decision-making involving one’s own wellness and health care interventions
  • Information presented in understandable terms regarding diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, possible risks, and the medical consequences of refusing treatment.
  • An explanation of fees.
  • Request a specific provider and/or obtain a second opinion.
  • Address questions, suggestions or grievances to the provider, Director of Student Health Services or VP for Student Life.

The Responsibility to:

  • Keep and be on time for appointments and, if necessary, cancel appointments as far in advance as possible.
  • Respond to health care providers and staff with courtesy.
  • Describe symptoms and details of condition honestly.
  • Provide the health care provider with accurate information about past and current medical conditions, treatments and medications
  • Follow instructions for treatments and medications.
  • Ask for clarification when needed.
  • Provide insurance information on request.