VOCA | Letter from the Director

Dear Houghton College Family, 

Welcome to the VOCA Center! Family support and involvement are essential factors for helping students discover their calling and achieve their academic and career goals. One important step you, as a parent or family member, can take is to recommend that your student visit the VOCA Center early during their college career. We can advise your son or daughter about choosing a major, exploring careers, and finding internships and jobs and planning for graduate school.

We understand college is a serious investment of time and money and believe an investment in a Houghton education will lead to a promising future for your son or daughter. Your child will be prepared and competitive in the world of work with both the breadth of knowledge from a liberal arts education and the depth of knowledge gained from internships, practicums, and research opportunities. 

Houghton provides a unique approach to vocational and career planning by engaging with students during their first year of college and walking them through a customized comprehensive vocational development plan.  Your son or daughter will benefit from Christian mentors who will help them answer questions such as:

  • “How am I uniquely designed?”
  • “What am I deeply passionate about?”
  • “What is my purpose here on earth?”

Once they have identified career areas of interest we will connect them with job shadow and internship opportunities. We make sure students are prepared for their next step after graduation by teaching them how to network, write resumes, conduct a job search, and effectively market themselves in interviews.

We also welcome hearing from you about internship and/or job opportunities at your place of work. Please feel free to email us opportunities and we will advertise appropriately.


Kim Pool