VOCA | Graduate School Planning

Factors to consider when choosing a school.

  • Program Quality
  • Profiles of Students Who Enroll
  • Program Resources
  • Academic Curriculum and Student Services
  • Overall Costs

How to Apply

What you need to apply.

Every graduate school has some kind of admission requirements. These may include an application fee, admission tests, transcripts, a minimum GPA, letters of recommendation, essays or personal statements, an interview and a resume or work history. Most schools also have deadline dates for receipt of applications; pay attention to these dates. 

Entrance Exams

The more poplular  entrance exam include, GRE (Graduate Record Exam), MAT (Miller Analogies Test), GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test), LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), and more. Stop by VOCA to find out about preparation and registration for these tests. Also, follow the link below to find the top rated GRE prep courses.

Best GRE Prep Courses


The Registrar's Office is the only office on campus that can forward your transcript to a graduate school. You must submit a written request; the cost is $5.00.  For information and request form visit Academic Records Office, call 585-567-9350 or email. Be sure to request your transcripts well ahead of the application deadline.  

Letter of Recommendation

Most graduate schools require 2-3 letters of recommendation. Faculty letters typically carry the most weight. You may open an online file to manage your letters of recommendation through Interfolio. The files eliminates the necessity, in future years, of locating people from whom you would like a recommendation. Be sure to give a resume and your application essay to aid them in writing a thorough recommendation. Write thank-you letters to anyone who writes a letter of recommendation for you.

Application Essay

Essay requirements vary considerably, but essentially, the application essay is a statement of your goals. It should be clear and definitive, indicating that you have a sense of what you want to do and you are enthusiastic about the field of study you have chosen. Career Services has several resources to help you in writing your essay. Your essay should reflect the following:

  • Personal goals, motivation, and commitment to the field of study
  • Writing ability
  • Unique voice or perspective
  • Research and work experience
  • Educational background
  • Reasons for wanting to attend the particular graduate school
  • Expectations of the program and career opportunities

Interview, Portfolio, and Audition

Not every graduate school will require an interview, but the interview is highly encouraged as it can be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you are an excellent candidate for the graduate school program to which you are applying. It is recommended that you arrange for a mock interview with VOCA to prepare. Portfolios and auditions are typically required in more specific disciplines. Consult with the faculty members in your department about how to prepare for these requirements.



Entrance Exam Preparation