Earn a Theology degree 


Theology. For some, this word conjures up images of ancient books, pulpit-poundings and theses nailed to old doors; something born and aged in the years of yesterday. If when you hear this word, however, you find yourself craving a deeper understanding of theology than this definition, the theology program at Houghton would be a good fit for you.


The faculty members in the Theology department challenge students to stretch their thinking, and to explore a breadth and depth of theological perspectives that, up to this point, they may never have encountered. Students are taught to view their world through a theological orientation that is discerning and instinctual, in order to equip them for futures in further study, ministry and service.


Recipients of a theology degree constantly testify to how well their education at Houghton shaped them into someone qualified and passionate to fulfill God’s calling on their lives, and of their continued desire for him to work through them for His glory.






  • Religion
  • Sports ministry
  • Theology
  • World religions
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