The comprehensive major in Theology is provided for those who want a liberal arts degree with a maximum of Biblical and theological studies. This curriculum is generally accepted for entrance into seminary or other graduate institutions and is satisfactory for students going into missionary work that requires a liberal arts degree.

Specific RequirementsCredits
THEL 313 Systematic Theology (required for Wesleyan ordination) 4
THEL 327  Church, Mission , and Culture (required for Wesleyan ordination) 4
THEL 220 History of Christianity (required for Wesleyan ordination) 4
THEL 320  Spiritual Formation (required for Wesleyan ordination) 4
REL 482 Senior Capstone: Seminar in Theology 2
Total Core 18
Bible RequirementsCredits
BIBL 221 Biblical Interpretation (required for Wesleyan ordination) 4
BIBL 355  Biblical Theology I 2
BIBL 356  Biblical Theology II 2
Total 8
Choose two from the following:Credits
REL 222  New Religious Movements I 2
REL 232  New Religious Movements II 2
REL 221 Hinduism and Buddhism 2
REL 225  Taoism and Confucianism 2
REL 231  Judaism 2
THEL 230  Building Shalom: Justice, Love, and the Christian Life 2
THEL 232  Poverty, Wealth, and the Christian Gospel 2
Total 4

Students electing the comprehensive major in Theology must satisfy all normal integrative studies requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to satisfy integrative studies language requirements by taking one of the Biblical languages (Greek or Hebrew).  A curriculum plan for this major is available through the Department of Biblical Studies, Theology and Philosophy.

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