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Lisa Allen - Proverbs 31 Ministries

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen is the Executive Director of Ministry Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Lisa draws from a wide range of professional experiences such as a women’s ministry director of a large church, Certified DISC Consultant and Gallup-trained Strengths Coach, all providing a well-rounded menu of expertise.

She is the author and developer of:

  • The “What Shoe Are You?” Personality Assessment
  • The “What You Value Is Valu-able” Values Assessment Cards
  • “The 5-D Formula to Move from Stuck to Strategy” – Assessment

Lisa has a passion for seeing women reach their fullest potential and live their best lives. She helps women harvest the dreams and calling God has placed within them as part of His design for their lives.

Through her keynotes women will:

  • Gain a godly confidence as they trade the lens of the world for the lens of God and see themselves from the inside out.
  • Experience “light bulb” moments of self-awareness as they discover their unique wiring, calling, purpose and identity designed to bring glory to God in all areas of their lives.
  • Learn to say “no” to comparison, competition and discontentedness and remove the wedges that come between the special relationships God has placed around them at home, work, church and beyond.
  • Collect unique assessment tools to identify how hours and habits can enhance or inhibit their lives along with practical action steps that will create capacity.

Whitney Capps - Proverbs 31 Ministries

Whitney Capps

Often times people who hear Whitney speak say the same thing, “she’s just so real.” Whitney hopes that sharing her struggles and failures will point her listeners to God. Whitney responds, “My failures magnify His grace and goodness. Why hide what God uses for His glory?”

Whitney shares familiar texts with Believers in hopes that they will be challenged to think about old passages in new ways. “I hope we look beyond what we think we know about a particular passage, and let the Spirit reveal new insights for the journey ahead.” Similarly she hopes that Seekers who have been turned off by too much “church talk” will find her candor and honesty attractive enough to take another look at the God of Scripture. Inviting Whitney to speak at your event will be a breath of fresh air. It will be a time that Believers and Seekers alike will enjoy and be changed by.

Whitney and Chad are raising their three boys, Cooper, Dylan and Ryder, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Whitney works from home consulting for the corporate office of Chick-fil-A. 

Keri Cardinale - WDCX Radio Personality

Keri Cardinale

An avid communicator, Keri has a powerful voice and an incredible testimony of Gods unconditional love and grace. Keri loves a good rescue story and is passionate about sharing her own for Gods glory. For 15 years, Keri walked away from God and unashamedly tells the hard truth about life without Christ, her "homecoming" and what life looks like now that she lives for Christ alone.

Speaking on topics of overcoming sexual sins, weight struggles, insecurities, and having confidence in Worship leading.  The fusion of real-life stories and Keri's intimate relationship with Jesus connect with audiences in a refreshing and life-giving way.

Keri is passionate about music ministry, leading worship and the opportunity God has given her to encourage others to be   authentic and vulnerable with their own story so they too can experience the intimacy we all long for. 

Mindy Sauer

Mindy Sauer and family

"Mindy (Albrecht '03) Sauer is a former sixth-grade teacher and current stay-at-home mom in WNY. She and her husband Andy have four kids on earth: Jack, Megan, Kate, and Allison. One child (Ben) is in heaven.

A heart for young families, Mindy enjoys encouraging others to find joy amidst the chaos. To find peace amongst the storm. Having lost her son to brain cancer almost three years ago, she continues her search to seek God's face and teach her kids to do the same. Her prayer is that others will also come to accept the grace of her benevolent God."

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