Women of Worship | Workshops

10:30am -11:00am WHITNEY CAPPS | Keynote address: How our insecurities sap our spirit and strength.

This session will refocus our mind on how God calls and equips us.
11:05am – 11:50am
  1. MINDY SAUER | Finding joy: Accepting the grace of a benevolent God

    Hear Mindy’s personal story of God’s glory and redemption within the devastating loss of one of her children to cancer.
1:50pm – 2:35pm

Choice of two

  1. LISA ALLEN | Pacing Your Race - So You’re NOT Beyond Capacity

    Studying, careers and relationships combined with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter keep us running at a fast and hard pace. Statistics show the startling truth that burnout is on the rise as our capacity, margin and whitespace dwindles. In this session, we will focus on the only kind of leadership you cannot delegate - Self Leadership!

    Just as the world has changed, so must our self-leadership in order to achieve a mastery of our capacity. In this workshop you will:
    • Participate in a self-assessment to help identify some of the symptoms and warning signs of burnout.
    • Learn the 3 areas of leadership that we need to guard in order to maximize our time, passions and energy.
    • Leave with practical action steps to help us adjust before we combust.
    By identifying the symptoms of burnout, we can learn to face our busy demands head on and redesign our rhythm to guard not only our capacity, but our hearts as well.

  2. KERI CARDINALE | Caught up in the rat race?

    Life runs a mile a minute. You can’t keep up! Somehow serving in ministry has become a rat race that’s filled with envy and competition. Everyone is striving for something, but what are we really chasing? The race around us is never as good as the race God wants us to run in. It’s time we step away from the rat race, quiet the noise, and learn how to go deeper and more intimate with God. Let Him refresh you and take your calling to a higher level!
2:40pm – 3:10pm WHITNEY CAPPS | Keynote Address: How God sustains our spirits through Scripture, service, spiritual gifts and sometimes sheer acts of faith.

This session will teach us practical ways to endure seasons of spirit fatigue and empower us to position ourselves for spiritual refreshment.
6:30pm – 8:30pm LISA ALLEN | Evening Keynote: The Rhythm of a Dream and Learning to Dance to it.

God has a dream for your life.  What is your first reaction when you hear that statement?   Are you hesitant that God would put His dream in you to impact others? Have you pursued a dream that has led you to disillusionment or to give up in it (or God) altogether? In this session, you will:
  • Anticipate and identify what part of the dream dance rhythm you are in.
  • Learn to adjust your pacing, confidence, schedule and calling to accommodate the rhythm.
  • Move forward with a holy expectation of God’s dream in you to leave His mark on your world.
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