Majors and Programs

Houghton offers a major in Spanish, as well as minors in French, German, and Spanish. Recently, many students have enriched their career potential by majoring in Spanish and one of the following majors:  Adolescent Education, Art, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration, Math Political Science, Writing, Intercultural Studies or Biology.  Students may choose a concentration in French or Spanish as an Inclusice Childhood Education, Music, or Intercultural Studies major.  Courses are also offered in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and Swahili.  The Spanish major consists of 36 credit hours above the intermediate level; minors consist of 12 hours above the intermediate level.  A semester abroad is required for the Spanish major.   

Broadening Your Educational Opportunities

Special opportunities on- and off-campus enrich the linguistic and cultural experiences of language majors.

Students gain valuable language and cross-cultural experience through semester-long and Mayterm study- abroad opportunities. Spanish majors are required to spend a semester studying abroad in countries such as:  Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina and can complete this requirement through a variety of nationally recognized opportunities and institutions of Christian higher education. Options to study abroad include:

  • BCA Study Abroad (French & Spanish)
  • Spanish Studies Abroad – Spain and Argentina (formerly Center for Cross-Cultural Study)
  • Latin American Studies Program (Costa Rica)
  • Central College Abroad (French & Spanish)
  • Chez Vous (Summer French in France)
  • Laval – Quebec (French)
  • Trinity in Spain (Spanish)

More information is available from the Off Campus Studies Office.

On campus students have opportunities to improve language communicative competency through:

  • Dynamic classroom experience
  • Personal interaction with highly-qualified professors
  • Conversation groups 
  • Language clubs
  • Interaction with native speakers
  • Live worldwide Spanish and French TV  
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