Spanish Major BA

The Spanish major consists of 31 credit hours. Students study both on campus and benefit from a required semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.  Students regularly choose between semester options in Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, and others.   The study abroad semester and courses will need to be approved by your academic advisor. Student learning outcomes and assessments in the Spanish major can be found here.  Please note that at least half of the total credits for the major need to be taken at Houghton College

Prerequisites (These may be met through placement testing or previous work)Credits
SPAN 101 Spanish Level 1 3
SPAN 102 Spanish Level 2 3
Total 6
INCL 211 Intercultural Transition 0 - 1
Total 0 - 1
Required Core CoursesCredits
SPAN 205  Intermediate Spanish 3
SPAN 301 Spanish Communication 3
SPAN 307  Hispanic World Cultures 3
SPAN 308  Survey of Hispanic World Literature 3
SPAN 310  Spanish Conversation and Reading (may be repeated with a varied subtitle) 3
SPAN 350 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition 3
SPAN 485 Senior Seminar: Spanish 1
Total 19
Study Abroad ElectivesCredits
Through advising the student is to plan electives as part of the study abroad requirement.  Substitutions for the core may also be considered as part of the study abroad plan. 12-15
SPAN 346 Aspects of Costa Rica Mayterm (HC course) 3

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