WestSen Analytics

What is WestSen Analytics?

WestSen Analytics is a student-led consulting team based in Houghton, New York. We provide data science services not only in the western New York area, but around the country.

All of our projects are completed by a team of high-caliber students skilled in data science. A faculty advisor works with the students to offer expertise and guidance throughout the entire project.

Who We Are

Our team is a gathering of some of Houghton’s best data-savvy individuals. Members come from a variety of academic majors and backgrounds – data science, psychology, computer science, communications, and more! We take pride in the interdisciplinary nature of our team. Each member brings a unique strength and expertise, which has proven invaluable in our work.

How to Partner With Us

Do you have a project that could benefit from utilizing data science? We’d love to discuss your latest project with you. Contact us with an overview of your project, and we’ll work on the details with you.

Partner with the Center for Data Science Analytics