President’s Office

President Shirley Mullen“A liberal arts education prepares us with a broad base of knowledge in the arts and sciences, but it also teaches us how to learn, enlarges our imagination, enhances our curiosity and creativity, teaches us how to think systematically, how to write and speak clearly, and how to understand ourselves and others.  Most important of all, it invites us to link all our learning to our most fundamental moral and spiritual values.”
Shirley Mullen, ’76

Career Snapshot:

  • President at Houghton College,  June 2006 to present
  • Provost at Westmont College, 2002 to December 2006
  • Professor of History, 1984 to 2006 (Full professorship from 1995)

Academic Profile:

  • Ph.D.-2000 philosophy, University of Wales
  • Ph.D.-1985 history, University of Minnesota
  • M.A.- 1977 University of Toronto
  • B.A.-1976 Houghton College

President's Reflection