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Houghton Alumna Shares Solo Art Exhibition At Coppa Co.

October 7, 2021

Houghton Alumna and local artist, Melissa (Hardick ‘09) Fink, unveiled an exhibition at Coppa Co. where she received exclusive use of their gallery wall space to fill with her collection, “Letting the Light In.” Coppa Co. held an opening reception for Melissa on September 10th to celebrate her work. The exhibition was hosted from September 7th until October 3rd.

Melissa began at Houghton as a Psychology major with some art experience, but as the years after graduating went on she started to seriously pursue painting and is now a full-time professional artist.

“My work is an invitation to behold the beauty of the created world; a glimpse of hope in the midst of darkness. Painting has provided me an opportunity to process on canvas a desire to see hope and beauty within the brokenness, monotony, and chaos of everyday life. This theme dances through many of my paintings.

Through each work I use a certain amount of visual movement while maintaining a soft and delicate color palette to depict the tension between the beauty of life in the midst of chaos and unpredictability. Broad brushstrokes leave certain details undefined to acknowledge the beauty discovered in letting go of control. Movement of paint and ink depict how messy and unpredictable moments bring beauty to every story. These techniques communicate the depth and complexities of each moment as a small and present part of a greater story. This story when viewed as a whole is beautiful.” ~Melissa (Hardick ‘09) Fink, Artist’s Statement

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Coppa Co. is founded and owned by Aaron (‘01) and Marzella Harrison and J.L. and Heidi Miller. They desired Coppa Co. to be not only an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop but also a handmade space for a collaboration of local artists to bring an urban vibe to Genesee Valley. The founders state, “Artists need a sophisticated space to show and gather. We provide a bright and clean gallery, with the invitation of a warm cup of coffee.”