0 Rhett Featured in Art Show at Indiana Wesleyan

Rhett Featured in Art Show at Indiana Wesleyan

March 14, 2018

John Rhett, professor of art at Houghton University, recently participated in a show and panel discussion at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU).

Rhett travelled to Indiana for the opening of The Land, a group gallery show that explores themes related to landscape and how humans interact with the environment. Several of his oil and watercolor works will be on display, alongside paintings, writings, sculpture, and mixed media works from other artists.

Rhett’s featured oil paintings and watercolors were previously exhibited at Houghton faculty shows. Viewers are invited to consider the seemingly mundane – scenes that, for Rhett, are remarkable and singular landscapes that people pass through every day.

“I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues in art at IWU,” remarked Rhett. “I appreciated their use of works of art (especially mine!) to explore culture, memory, and association in how we comprehend ‘the land.‘”