Houghton Students Conduct Research Into Cell Regrowth

September 10, 2021

Over the past six weeks, Gavin Luckey ’22 and Malachi Yeager ’22 conducted research investigating how electrical stimulation affects the healing process of vascular muscle. They found that exposing damaged cells to electrical stimulation accelerated the healing process. Ransom Poythress, associate professor of biology, was their faculty advisor.

“Once I became aware of the research opportunities at Houghton,” said Yeager, “I immediately had my mind set on conducting biology research.”

After completing their research, Luckey and Yeager shared their findings with fellow students and faculty.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Gavin and Malachi this summer,” said Poythress. “They both displayed high levels of creative, independent, analytical thinking and problem-solving, as well as working seamlessly as a team.”

I love mentoring research students like Gavin and Malachi for several reasons: I love seeing the thrill and excitement students have as they invest in a project that is both truly unknown and truly their own. I also love seeing how Biology research can broaden and deepen students’ faith as they develop a new appreciation for the beauty, complexity, and harmony of God’s creation.

Ransom Poythress, Associate Professor of Biology