0 New Faculty Members in Business and International Development

New Faculty Members in Business and International Development

March 5, 2019

Two new faculty members have joined Houghton University in the areas of business management and law and international development, bringing practical, real-world experience to the classroom.

Joseph Miller, assistant professor of business management and law, began teaching during the spring 2019 semester. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association and owns and operates his own law firm in Cuba, N.Y. Besides teaching courses in business law, employment law and entrepreneurship, he oversees Houghton Consulting Groups and Houghton Student Enterprises.

Professor Miller earned bachelor’s and juris doctoral degrees from Liberty University. “I believe in Houghton’s mission,” says Miller. “I want students to learn that they can be effective professionals in a diverse business culture and still remain true to their faith.”

Michael Ritter, assistant professor of international development, began teaching this spring. He is also the director of the Center for Faith, Justice and Global Engagement, which was created in 2011 to explore faith and justice for transformational learning and holistic change in both local and global contexts.

Professor Ritter earned a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology from Grove City College, a master’s in public health from Emory University, and a doctorate in environmental health from Tufts University where he received the National Science Foundation IGERT Fellowship in Water Diplomacy. For nearly a decade, Professor Ritter was the CEO and national program director of Deep Springs International in Haiti, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life in developing countries by identifying and encouraging the use of affordable water purification systems, teaching the importance of proper household water treatment, and creating new business opportunities for local people.