View of Golf Course

Hilton Head Golfweek 

Domain: Sports Analytics
Client: Golfweek Amateur Tour
Service: Survey Design, Data Collection & Analyses
Date: October 2015

Students recently attended the Golfweek Amateur National Championships at Hilton Head SC.  The project objective was to collect data from golfers and local businesses to measure the economic impact of the tour.  This student-led data science team had the opportunity to collect data both on and off the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Results are already being used to improve the tour for next year.

Houghton Students in New York City

NYC Day of Learning

Domain: Social Good, Sports Analytics
Client: Oakland Athletics, NYC City Hall
Service: Professional Networking
Date: November 2015

Houghton Data Science students travelled to NYC to meet with two leading data scientists in the areas of sports analytics and data science for social good.

Guest speakers included: David Jackson-Hanen, Sports Analyst with the Oakland Athletics, and Philip Martin, a Data Scientist in NYC.

Both presenters spoke about the importance of doing data science now and getting experience with a variety of datasets. They offered real-life examples of their work so students could understand how data science is changing the game of baseball as well as changing people’s everyday lives in NYC.

Houghton Students at Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50

Domain: Sports Analytics
Client: NFL on Location Experiences
Service: Project Scoping, Collection of Domain Knowledge for Sports Analytics
Date: February 2016

Data science students from Houghton College had a once-in-a-lifetime experience to work behind the scenes at the Super Bowl 50.  Student travelled to San Francisco to observe how the NFL manages this event from a sports management and data science perspective.  Students hope to travel again next year to the Super Bowl in Houston to apply their data science skills.

Houghton Students in Class

Silicon Valley

Domain: Data Visualization
Client: Tableau Software, Cisco Systems
Service: Professional Networking & Software Testing
Date: February 2016

While in the San Francisco, students visited Tableau Software where they had a chance to interact with Trina Chiasson, who was a guest lecturer in our very first Data Science class last year. Trina and her crew interacted with our students to test their latest data visualization product for the tablet.  Students also visited Cisco Systems thanks to the generosity of alumni Matthew Eubanks who is a Global Partner at Cisco.