Telling Stories Through Films

December 7, 2022

Cory Martin ’14, a Houghton University alumnus is a talented filmmaker whose work has taken him all around the world. 

Cory excelled as a Communication major at Houghton while also being a student athlete on the soccer team. Shortly after graduating he took an internship in Buffalo, and his career only grew from there. He has worked on films as a director, cinematographer, and editor, and has traveled to over 60 different countries around the world for his work. As a filmmaker, he strives to use his skills to tell diverse stories and shift the perspective of his audiences. Some of his recent projects include working as a field director and cinematographer for a recently premiered film, Project Iceman, and helping to film a documentary in Nepal. Cory’s work and success in his field show just some of the exciting possibilities of what Houghton Alumni can achieve in their post-collegiate careers.