0 NASCAR race at Nashville Speedway

Data Science Students Improve NASCAR Fan Experience

June 23, 2021

The Houghton Data Analytics Team spent the weekend at the “ALLY 400” NASCAR Cup Series Race at the Nashville Superspeedway in Tennessee collecting data in real-time.

Houghton Data Science Students at Nashville Speedway

Hands-on Experience for Houghton Students

Attending this massive, sold-out event is part of a larger data analytics project for Houghton Data Science students, with the goal of improving fan experience at the track in future years. Students will be cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data from three online surveys and one in-person survey, before presenting their findings to the executives at the Nashville Superspeedway later this summer.

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Nashville Super Speedway

Center for Data Science Analytics

At Houghton, the Center for Data Science Analytics (CDSA) provides these kind of data science experiential learning opportunities that bring together students, faculty, alumni and industry to create an environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

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