Experiential Learning

Transformative Learning

studesnts prepare project for science honors programAt Houghton, we believe in providing you with opportunities to take what you are learning in the classroom and apply it in real time to solve real-world problems – readying you for your future career and vocation.

Experiential learning opportunities are built into the curriculum of every academic program at Houghton, and can include hands-on courses, research experiences, study abroad programs, internships and more.

Study Off Campus

Live in Rwanda, Africa for a semester and learn about community development and reconciliation in the wake of the 1993 genocide. Experience Thailand for a semester in southeast Asia and learn about social justice issues, such as human trafficking. Take a three- three-week class abroad in Central America, South America, or Europe..

Off Campus Studies
Students participate in off campus program.
Cana Roth

Featured Testimonial

My semester in London, England was not only an exciting experience – it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to the wider world around me, and how God is at work beyond the scope of my own little world.

Cana Roth ‘09


Houghton students apply their academic learning to real-world work settings through internships in local and global settings. These experiences allow students to explore career interests and build their professional network, sometimes resulting in jobs immediately following graduation.

Internship information
Students participate in an internship
Michael Danylak

Featured Testimonial

At Houghton, students are always encouraged to take their education beyond the classroom. … During my junior year, I was fortunate to have an internship on Capitol Hill where I got hands-on political experience, giving me the chance to learn skills that I now use on a daily basis in my career.

Michael Danylak ’09


Through collaborative research opportunities, students address the deep needs and issues of the world through firsthand, transformative experiences. Guided by faculty mentors, students are actively involved in the entire research process – from defining the problem, developing solutions, and even presenting their findings at regional and national conferences.

Students participate in research opportunity.

Featured Testimonial

My [research] experience has been exceptional in a number of ways … very few people receive the opportunity to work on such cutting-edge research at the undergraduate level, with experienced collaborators linked to major research facilities.

Micah Coats ’18