Honors FAQ

“What should I do to prepare for the interview weekend?”

As you may be asked specific questions about your honors application during one of your interviews, it’d be a good idea to remind yourself of what you submitted.

For Honors in London candidates, you will be sent a reading selection upon completion of your honors weekend reservation. Study questions are included at the end of the document to assist you in preparing for a discussion that will be a part of the honors selection process.

“Can I choose to attend for only Friday or Saturday?”

The elements that play into our selection process are spread across both days. The weekend schedule will end no later than 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Honors candidates should plan their travel to be able to fully participate for the entirety of the weekend.

“What should I wear?”

For all honors candidates: Dress professionally. We discourage dressing casually. For the Honors banquet on Friday evening in particular, the expected attire is semi-formal.

  • Men: Dress pants and button down shirt or sweater would be appropriate. A tie is recommended. Avoid jeans, sweatshirts and other casual attire.
  • Women: Dress pants and nice shirt would be appropriate. A skirt or dress is also fine but not required. Avoid jeans or sweatshirts.
  • Parents: Semi-formal for the banquet on Friday night is appropriate. Otherwise there are no other dress guidelines for the rest of the weekend.

 “Should I stay in the residence halls?”

Most honors candidates choose to stay in a residence hall during their time on campus for both the convenience of being right on campus as well as engaging in the student experience. As much as possible, we try to house you with current or previous honors participants. If you are planning to stay overnight, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel and necessary toiletries. (If you are flying, it is only necessary to bring toiletries.)

“Are parents required to attend?”

There are planned events and activities for parents who attend, but students who attend without a parent will not feel like they are left out of anything. For parents who are not able to attend the entirety of the honors weekend, we do recommend that they at least attend the banquet on Friday night. There is also a parent reception before the banquet and special sessions for parents on Friday. On Saturday, there are informational sessions for both parents and honors candidates.

“Where do parents stay?”

There is a link on the website under the Admission page for various area accommodations. The Inn at Houghton Creek is perhaps the most convenient option.

Accommodations and Dining

“What should my arrival time be?”

Arrival time is 9:00 a.m. at the Campus Center on Friday.

“When I arrive on campus, where do I go?”

The Campus Center.

Campus Map

“What is my departure time?”

The Honors weekend will end no later than 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. We try to anticipate travel needs for those coming from farther away. If you have specific needs, please connect with your admission counselor so that we can do our best to accommodate those needs. Chances are that your day will end before 3:00 p.m., but you should tentatively plan to be here until that time.

“When will I get a schedule?”

You will receive a confirmation email and a phone call from the admission office shortly after you make your honors reservation. Your official schedule for the weekend will be provided to you when you arrive on campus.

“What does the weekend schedule look like?”

A outline of the honors student weekend schedule is as follows:


  • 9:00 AM Registration
  • 9:45 Honors at Houghton Information Sessions (Science Honors & Liberal Arts Honors)
  • 11:05 Chapel
  • 11:45  Luncheon with Other Honors Candidates and Faculty
  • 1:00 PM Honors Class Visit (Liberal Arts) or Department Information Sessions (Science)
  • 2:00/3:00 Lab Experience (Science) or Interactive Discussion (Liberal Arts)
  • 4:30 Meet and Greet with Current and Former Honors Students
  • 6:15 Honors Banquet
  • 8:00 Optional Evening Activities


  • 8:00 AM Breakfast
  • Morning: Honors Interview I
  • 10:00 & 11:00 AM Information Sessions and Student Panels (Liberal Arts)
  • Morning:  Honors Interview II time slots
  • 11:00 Tour of Paine Center for Science (Science)
  • 12:00 PM Lunch
  • Afternoon: Honors Interview II time slots
  • Optional Campus Tour
  • Departure

“How does interviewing for Honors at Houghton relate to scholarship consideration?”

Candidates for Honors at Houghton are considered for one of our three James S. Luckey full-tuition scholarship awards.

Scholarship Information

“Will I be reimbursed for my flight costs?”

Students are eligible for a reimbursement if this is their first visit to campus. Students who have already been admitted at the time of their visit are eligible for 50 percent reimbursement. See below for details:

Plane Trips

“Where should I park on campus?”

Available parking lots are across from our Reinhold Campus Center and next to our Gillette Hall Building. Our office will email you a parking pass for your use prior to the interview weekend. Additionally, parking passes will be available at Registration.

“I have another question but I don’t see the answer here!”

Take a moment to contact your admission counselor with any additional questions you may have.

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