0 Houghton University Launches New Flexible Path to Graduation

Houghton University Launches New Flexible Path to Graduation

June 9, 2020

Beginning in Fall 2020, Houghton University students can customize their path to graduation by having the option to take their courses on-campus, online, or a combination of both—depending on the format that best fits their life and schedule each semester.

In the past, if a residential college student had to leave mid-semester, many colleges required them to withdraw. These incomplete college credits cost the student time and money because they couldn’t complete their coursework in person. With Houghton’s new, flexible option, students can leave campus and still complete those same credit hours online, while living at home. On the other hand, considering the uncertainties of this time, if a student feels more comfortable beginning and completing their coursework from home during the upcoming Fall semester, they have the freedom to do so.  

“In this season where our normal routines have been disrupted, Houghton is committed to delivering a flexible, relational education that students can access residentially or online,” says Dr. Ken Schenck, Vice President for Planning and Innovation at Houghton. “Our faculty are committed to highly personal connections with the individual learners in their classrooms—in any format.”

This new model gives students the flexibility to complete their education in the way that works best for them. If a residential student needs to get to graduation faster, they can augment their schedule with extra online courses that they can take from their residence hall. If a student needs to balance family, work, and their education, they can choose to complete their courses from home, and still be on track to graduate on time.