0 Houghton University to Launch Electrical Engineering Major

Houghton University to Launch Electrical Engineering Major

June 4, 2018

Houghton University is pleased to announce the addition of a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

Designed around Houghton’s emphasis on experiential learning, the program provides a hand-on approach to modern engineering. Students will engage in design projects beginning in their very first year, allowing them to engage in multiple engineering projects by the end of their four years. Forty percent of the new major encompasses experiential learning projects.

Collaboration is a key component of the program, as students will work both with faculty on campus and professionals throughout the region in engineering companies and laboratories.

Houghton’s electrical engineering major emphasizes design and the practical application of electrical systems, which have come to influence nearly every aspect of modern life. Electrical engineers are found in careers related to power engineering, nanotechnology, medical electronic design, defense consultation with the military, wireless networking, telecommunications, instrumentation, and more. Such skilled technicians are in high demand in our ever-evolving technological world, earning a median salary of $95,060 (U.S. Department of Labor, 2017).

Over the next four years, Houghton will add four electrical engineering faculty members, who will teach alongside professors from the areas of computing, mathematics, and physics – providing students with a broad, solid foundation of area knowledge.

“The addition of engineering expands the arena of Houghton’s longstanding commitment to excellence in science and mathematics, and opens new opportunities for our graduates to apply their learning in service to our world,” remarks Houghton University President Shirley A. Mullen.

Plans are underway to expand and renovate the Paine Center for Science, a priority of “IMPACT: The Campaign for Greater Houghton.” The first of five projects will provide Houghton with cutting-edge labs and facilities necessary for providing a high-quality, project-based, collaborative learning and working environment. This initial $3.7 million project includes the addition of a fifth floor, creating space for engineering classroom laboratories on the second floor.

Student recruitment is also underway for the first engineering majors, starting in Fall 2019.