Houghton Professor Invited to Speak at Conference

March 22, 2022

Ransom Poythress, professor of Biology, was invited to the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith on April 2nd to deliver two talks.  The first talk is titled “How to Build a House: The Biology of the Cell”, and the second is titled “Biology and Beauty: Aesthetics of Design”.

“Both talks are centered around how God reveals Himself as Creator through the things he has created, namely Nature and Biology,” says Poythress.  The youth talk, “How to Design a House: Biology of the Cell”, will focus on the similarities between a cell and a carefully designed house, only the cell is far more intricate.

“‘Biology & Beauty: Aesthetics of Design’ will discuss a more subjective aspect of creation: beauty,” says Poythress. “Why does beauty exist apart from the personal, Triune, creator God? Some things in nature are uniformly considered to be beautiful, but carry no particular survival advantage. This notion fits well with the Christian understanding of God and can’t be adequately explained using a purely materialistic worldview”.

The Westminster Conference on Science and Faith is a collaboration between The Center for Science and Culture and Westminster Theological Seminary.  It explores the relationship between faith and science for theologians and scientists alike.  This year’s theme is Design and Designer: The Convergence of Science and Theology.

Poythress holds dual degrees, including a Biology PhD. from Boston University and a Master’s Degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.  He has a special interest in philosophy of science, apologetics, and the harmonies between science and Christianity, which fit in well with the conference theme and topics.

It is a delight and an honor to be sharing the stage with so many luminaries who are equally excited about how current scientific discoveries glorify and magnify our Creator God.

-Ransom Poythress, Professor of Biology