0 Houghton to Host Kindschi Faith & Justice Symposium

Houghton to Host Kindschi Faith & Justice Symposium

February 5, 2021

The 10th annual Kindschi Faith and Justice symposium will focus on how faith communities can respond effectively to global health challenges.

  • How have communities of faith responded to current and past health crises?
  • What lessons can we learn from responses around the globe?
  • What roles can individuals, institutions, and churches play in current health crises?

The symposium will feature interviews with and lectures from scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of health and religion. Topics will include responses from individuals, institutions, and churches from around the globe to COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, health disparities, and other global health challenges.

Free Online Registration

All events are free and open to the public.  Chapel sessions can be viewed at the Houghton University YouTube stream or the Houghton University Chapel Facebook page.  Other sessions will be held via Zoom Webinar, and registration must be completed prior to joining.

About the Kindschi Faith and Justice Symposium at Houghton University

The Kindschi Faith and Justice Symposium demonstrates Houghton University’s commitment to prepare graduates to link their faith to critical global issues with thoughtfulness, creativity, and courage rather than fear. It is with gratitude we recognize Dr. P. Douglas Kindschi ’62 and his wife Barbara (Pechuman ’62) Kindschi, who in 2018 created an endowment fund to ensure that a permanent stream of funding will support this annual symposium.

The Kindschi Faith and Justice Symposium has been a passion project of retiring President, Dr. Shirley Mullen. Her tireless efforts to create civil dialogue, cultivate young thinkers in the courageous middle, and promote Houghton’s historic dedication to Wesleyan work in diverse areas of transformative justice have been highlighted through this annual symposium. We are grateful for her vision and leadership.