About ROTC

Our cadets are some of the strongest students at the university. Among us, you’ll find student-athletes and scholars from every curriculum and many departments on campus. You probably already know us. You’ve seen us walking to class. If you’re up early, you’ve seen us running in the morning. We present the colors during athletic events. We are students, just like you. Want to try to be one of us? Give us a call.

What is Army ROTC?

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is one of the smartest college courses you can take. It offers opportunities and challenges that can put you on the fast track in life. You’ll develop confidence, self-esteem, motivation and leadership skills you’ll need regardless of your career plans. The qualities that ROTC training instills will be vital to a productive and rewarding future.

ROTC is an effective course that combines in-class academics and important hands-on training. You’ll be offered physical and mental challenges geared to help you succeed in college and beyond. You will learn teamwork and be given responsibilities like teaching the junior cadets the same skills you have learned.

For all of the benefits you gain, Army ROTC only requires a few hours a week. So it won’t interfere with your required college curriculum or social life. In fact, you’ll find ROTC a great place to form lasting friendships.

How can Army ROTC benefit me?

Army ROTC allows you to quickly gain confidence and self-discipline necessary to excel in your studies at Houghton College.  You will acquire leadership skills and the experience sought by employers of college graduates. And you will earn the honor of serving your country as an officer, full-time on active duty or part-time as you pursue your civilian career. We also have two-, three-, and four-year scholarships available.

What is the obligation?

There is no commitment to join the Army if you join ROTC! Introductory courses let you take a look at officer opportunities without obligation. Once you accept a scholarship or enter the final two years, you will make a commitment to serve as an officer on active or reserve duty.

Houghton ROTC

Houghton College’s Army ROTC is run in partnership with St. Bonaventure University’s Seneca Battalion.

If a student is not interested in Active, Reserves or National Guard duty, he or she is encouraged to take the class as an elective for both freshman and sophomore years, providing a student with an inside look at the leadership aspects of the military.

ROTC training for cadets is accomplished without students leaving the campus until their third year in the program!