Sculpture Concentration

Refine your craft and create beautiful works of art in three dimensions.

Our sculpture program blends well with other studio art disciplines, offering useful skills and perspectives regardless of your area of focus. For those who choose a sculpture concentration, our advanced coursework and electives will prepare you for to pursue an MFA or launch into a fulfilling career.


Begin with Three-Dimensional Design and gain confidence with the principles behind 3D techniques. Dive deeper with Sculpture I, where you’ll explore larger and more challenging forms of 3D art, such as stone carving, light sculpture, installation work, and metalwork. From there, Sculpture II offers a more personally focused curriculum, as you pursue work that reflects your skills, interests, and artistic goals.

Sculpture electives include 3D digital design and 3D printing, furniture design, and figure sculpting.


  • Two dedicated studio spaces with large south-facing windows for maximum natural light
  • Work tables for individual and group projects
  • Individual shelf space reserved for sculpture students
  • Hand tools, air tools, and power tools available to any student enrolled in a sculpture class or sculpture elective
  • Electric kiln for glass and ceramic work
  • Three 3D printers
  • Fully operational woodshop complete with SawStop table saw, bandsaws, belt and spindle sanders, planer, jointer, wood lathe, drill presses, compound miter saw, and commercial-grade router

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