Studio Art Major (BS)

A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Studio Art will appeal to the student interested in the visual arts as well as other courses and subjects that may not carry Liberal Arts designation. Forty-six hours in art provides substantial rigor in studio practices while allowing significant flexibility to explore other disciplines.

The BS is especially suitable for students with a double major when the second major features course-work that typically does not grant LA status. This is particularly true with majors such as Business, Education, many tracks dealing with sports or recreation, and some areas of Communication and Ministry.

Major Requirements

  • Studio Art (BS)

Art Concentrations

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Art and Business in New York City (Mayterm)
  • European Art Tours (Mayterm)
  • London Honors
  • Gallery assistant (Ortlip Art Gallery)

Travel Opportunities

Art and design students are encouraged to make every effort to view the very best works of art, and the art department maintains an active travel program to support those activities. Travel to the cultural capitals of Europe every other year during Mayterm for your Art History credit, or take the annual weekend trip to view a major collection in the northeast or mid-Atlantic area.

Senior Capstone Exhibition

Each student is encouraged, in the senior year, to exhibit a body of work in a special show at the college. This gives real-world experience in presentation, promotion, logistics and documentation. The student finishes with a comprehensive and coherent body of work that, while not being fully mature, does show signs of technical proficiency and conceptual complexity.

Beautiful Facilities

The spacious, light-filled Stevens Art Studios feature cathedral ceilings in all the studios as well as huge expanses of glass, which provide natural light. The Design Media Studio provides students with a large, clean workspace for multiple design media and photography classes; cutting mats and drafting tools; large-format Epson inkjet printers; and Mac PowerBooks with wireless internet and printing connection. The art building also includes a custom-designed student critique space and lounge with mid-century modern furniture, fireplace, lighted critique wall and study/meeting table as well as the Stevens Seminar room and Thomas Buechner Memorial Art Library. Individual student workspaces are available to upperclassmen.


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