A major in Bible from Houghton will give you excellent preparation for many fields of Christian service, including pastoral ministry, academia, missions, writing, counseling and chaplaincy.

Biblical studies at Houghton prepares students to be Biblically well-versed, theologically informed and spiritually vibrant Christian scholars, equipped to serve God in a multitude of ways. A major in Bible is recommended for students expecting to become missionaries, teachers or leaders in parachurch ministries and translators. It is also an excellent base for seminary or graduate work in biblical studies, theology and related disciplines.

At Houghton, we seek to apply reason in partnership with grace as we think critically about our world, the Bible and ethical issues in the Church and the world. Our goal is to teach students to read the Bible well and to give students the skills to think about important questions as we seek answers together in Scripture.

The Bible is the chief Christian authority for faith and practice. When Christian leaders understand how to read and interpret the Bible well, it benefits both the church and the world. We study and teach the Bible as people of faith, without apology, who employ the tools of scholarship to help us listen more carefully to the voice of God in Scripture.

Why Major in Bible?

  • Dive deep into the Word of God as you study a wide range of courses on various aspects of Biblical text.
  • Study with expert faculty who believe that God’s word is still relevant and foundational to a robust and winsome expression of Christ’s mission.
  • Explore new ways to solve problems in an increasingly interconnected world as you wrestle with the hard questions facing God’s people today.

Spend Time in the Word

The Bible department at Houghton encourages students toward a healthy and fruitful relationship with the book they love—and the major is designed for those who want a maximum amount of time spent in the Bible itself. After a couple of introductory courses, the bulk of the major revolves around courses that go deep into an individual book of the Bible or a series of books (i.e., the Pentateuch or our course in Jesus and the Gospels).

Impact and Heritage of Biblical Studies at Houghton

Houghton Bible alumni serve in an inspiring diversity of careers. They can be found in every kind of pastoral ministry, chaplaincy and para-church work. Our program has a 50-year history of preparing Bible translators and missionaries. Our grads have been accepted to seminary and doctoral programs at dozens of schools. They teach and serve in higher education around the world, and others work for NGOs or serve their communities in mental health, health care and law enforcement.

Major Requirements

Bible major (BA/BS)

Bible as second major (BA/BS)

Bible major with Missions concentration (BA/BS)

Chris Baldwin

Featured Testimonial

When I came to Houghton, I was new in my journey with Jesus. Houghton is where I was given not only a solid theological foundation, but where my faith was formed as well. Participating in the spiritual life of the campus and the discipleship I received from mentors was instrumental for developing an intimacy with Jesus that has served my ministry well.

Christopher Baldwin '95 Lead and founding pastor of the Vine Church in Depew, NY; director of Encounter Buffalo ministries and the 716 Prayer Network


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