The Christian Ministries major is offered through The Chapel at Crosspoint (Buffalo, NY). The major requires a minimum of 60 hours and provides a strong Bible-centered preparation for Christian service in the church or mission field.

The curriculum consists of 25–27 hours in general education requirements, 24–26 hours in required religion courses and a 12- to 16-hour concentration. Choose from communication/writing, humanities, religion (Bible, Christian formation, missions and ministerial) or social science. Additional credit hours to total 62 will consist of electives.

General Education Requirements Credits
INTS 102 – Transitions: Succeeding at Houghton 1
HIST 101 – Western Civilization I: Ancient to 1650 2
WRIT 101 – Writing in the Liberal Arts 4
BIBL 101 – Biblical Literature 4
THEL 209 – Introduction to Christianity 4
PHIL 202 – Metaphysics, Morality and Mind 4
Math or Science 3-4
Social Science 3-4
Total 25-27
Major Requirements Credits
Old Testament Bible 3
Old Testament Bible 3
New Testament Bible 3
New Testament Bible 3
MIN 210 – Introduction to Christian Ministry 3
Missions (Any MISS prefix) 4
Old Testament Bible 3
Christian Formation (Any CRFM prefix) 2-4
Internship 3
Total 24-26
Concentration Credits
Choose a concentration from: communications, humanities, theology, social science, or writing 12-16
Total 61-69