The philosophy minor complements almost any major by adding a depth of understanding and philosophical thinking that will lead to success in the workplace. In addition to courses on the history of ideas (from Plato to Postmodernism), logic and critical thinking, Houghton offers “bridge courses” that directly link the study of philosophy to other disciplines, such as Philosophy of Law, Introduction to Political Thought, Medical Ethics, History and Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics, and Reason and Religious Belief. A little additional coursework in areas outside philosophy, such as business, psychology or sociology, opens up the possibility of internships in a wide variety of settings.

Required Courses Credits
Choose at least one course from the following:
     PHIL 243 – Ancient Philosophy 4
     PHIL 244 – Medieval Philosophy 4
     PHIL 245 – Early Modern Philosophy 4
     PHIL 246 – Late Modern and Contemporary Philosophy 4
     Eight hours of philosophy electives 8
Total 12