Biology Facilities

The biology department occupies approximately 15,000 square feet on the third floor of the Paine Center for Science. Additional facilities include the Margaret Bush greenhouse on the ground floor and animal facilities on the fifth floor.

The Margaret Bush Greenhouse was constructed in 1997 and is 900 square feet on the south side of the Paine Center. Climate control is provided by an automatic venting and heating system along side of an automated shade system. Collections of various plant groups are kept and there is room for student research projects. The fifth floor includes a three-room animal facilities complex with cages and support equipment to house rats and mice.

Biology laboratories are taught in four large laboratory rooms, each equipped with Internet connection ports, new Olympus microscopes, and seats for 24 students. Additionally, there are four smaller lab rooms suitable for student and faculty research. Equipment includes growth chambers, an Olympus CKX 41 inverted microscope, a fluorescence microscope, a Seal AQ2 multichannel water chemistry analyzer, animal telemetry equipment for collaring and tracking of small mammals, small mammal live traps, two GPS units for field tracking and analysis, limnology equipment for aquatic biology. Two herbarium collections are housed in the botany/ecology lab: the college herbarium with 2000 specimens and the Moss Lake (a nature conservancy preserve some three miles south of campus) herbarium with 600 specimens.