Sound Design

A two-course sequence in sound design is offered that teaches students how to use the audio software Pro Tools, the industry standard in sound design. After successfully completing the sound design course sequence, students are able to take an exam which gives them Pro Tools certification.

Pro Tools is the industry standard in the video game, recording and film industry worldwide. Certification provides a huge benefit to students by giving future employers assurance of their mastery of Pro Tools.  Houghton College is a certified Avid Training Center. Avid (maker of ProTools) recognizes Houghton as a partner in the film and recording industry.

The sound design courses offered at Houghton are ideal for students who want to go into sound recording and audio work such as running a sound board for a band, coordinating sound at a church as part of a worship team or music ministry, or even higher quality audio for those interested in film and video production.

Many of our students in sound design gain hands-on experience working with our director of sound and recording in meeting the many sound needs on campus: lectures, music performances, chapel and other public events.


COMM 207 Introduction to Pro Tools

Introduction to Pro Tools sound & recording software. Foundational skills necessary to record, edit, and mix at basic level using a Digidesign Pro Tools system.
Focus: fundamental tools and techniques through demonstrations, real-world examples, and frequent hands-on assignments. Successful completion prepares students to undertake Pro Tools User Certification exam

COMM 208 Pro Tools Production I

Continued study of Pro Tools: expanding range of tools and techniques
Focus: expanded hardware and software configurations, developing versatile tools for manipulating and editing both audio and MIDI data, and implementing various techniques to facilitate larger and more sophisticated mixing scenarios, again through real-world examples and frequent hands-on assignments that will enhance your capabilities in all aspects of Pro Tools production. Successful completion prepares student to undertake Pro Tools User Certification exam.