To produce graduates who are prepared for any or all of the following, depending on their accomplishments and goals:

  • service as musical leaders within their local and regional communities, educational institutions, and musical organizations
  • undertaking the establishment of a professional career via auditions, competitions, and further conducting experiences
  • beginning doctoral studies in conducting.

Degree Requirements

Major Area
CONC 501-503: Graduate Applied Conducting 3
MUS 526-529: Advanced Choral Conducting Seminar 9
Topics rotate; three semesters required
PERF 585: Graduate Recital (see Final Project) 0
The student must enroll in PERF 585 for the semester in which the cumulative portfolio project is submitted.  
MUS 541-543: Graduate Ensemble: College Choir 0
The student must enroll in an appropriate major ensemble [or accompanying] each semester of residence, with or without credit, in consultation with the directors of choral and instrumental activities.  
MUS 576: Applied Music Pedagogy: Voice
Other Studies in Music
MHS 520: Research and Bibliography 2
MUS 501: Graduate Assistants’ Forum 0
Required of all graduate assistants; open to, but not required of, all other graduate students  
Choose from among the following: 6
Choose one music history course and one theory course.  
MHS 590: Seminar in Music History (topics vary by semester) (3 credits)
MHS 595: Special Topics in Music History (3)
MTH 567: Systems of Analysis and Contemporary Art Music (3)
MTH 566: Advanced Orchestration (3)
MTH 501: Theory Pedagogy (3)
MTH 558: Sixteenth Century Counterpoint (3)
MTH 563: Form and Analysis (3)
MTH 475: Synthesizer/Computer Applications (3)
MTH 595: Special Topics in Music Theory (3)
MHUM 501: Seminar: Music, Worship and Culture in Christian Perspective 3
Music courses* numbered 500** or above 7
*No more than 2 credit hours of ensemble may count as music elective hours toward the degree.  
**A limited number of music courses numbered 400 or above may also be taken as electives, with the approval of the graduate advisor  .

Final Project

The student must video record each of his or her public conducting performances throughout his or her tenure as a graduate student, the equivalent of a full concert of material.  At the conclusion of the final semester of study, a portfolio of these recordings must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee for approval, as a culminating demonstration of professional capacity in the major field.