Music Scholarships

Through the generosity of those who appreciate the arts and support the mission of Houghton College, the Greatbatch School of Music offers scholarships to students who excel in music and desire to develop their potential at Houghton.

Some scholarships are specifically for music majors, while others are awarded to students for participation in ensembles regardless of major.

The Music Presidential Scholarship, Fortissimo Scholarship, and Forte Scholarship

As part of the audition process for the Greatbatch School of Music and Scholarship Competition, the following exclusive awards are offered:

  • Full-tuition Music Presidential Scholarship (1)
  • $25,000 Fortissimo Scholarships (up to 3)
  • $22,000 Forte Scholarships (up to 3)

These awards are offered to outstanding first-year undergraduate student majoring in music. Music students must audition at one of our four designated School of Music visit opportunities to be considered for these awards. Those not selected for the above awards will be considered for a music performance grant or scholarship.

Performance Grants and Fellowships

Modest music scholarships and fellowships are awarded on the basis of performance ability and musical promise and are competitive across the applicant pool. Every auditioning student is considered for scholarship opportunities.


Scholarships for Returning Students

A great many scholarships are given to returning students. Please see the Music Student Handbook for a description of all of the scholarships available to 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-year students.

Non-Music Major Ensemble Scholarship

This is an audition based scholarship awarded to select students who participate in one or more of the following ensembles for an entire academic year (fall and spring semesters):

Houghton Symphony Orchestra
Houghton Wind Ensemble
College Choir (only sophomores and up are eligible to audition)
Men’s and Women’s Choir
Jazz Ensemble
Highlander Voices

This award is up to $1,500 per year.

Fill out the application below to be considered.