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Can it be made economically profitable to transport valuable minerals from Asteroid 1997 XF11 to Earth?


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Asteroid 1997 XF11

Will it hit earth?

In 1997 Asteroid 1997 XF11  was discovered, on what appeared to be a collision course with Earth with an impact date in 2028.  After more careful observations, it was found that the asteroid should miss Earth by about 600,000 miles, but the scare resulted in the creation of the NASA Near Earth Object Program Office, now the Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

Washington Post Article

Image of 1997 XF11

Asteroid 1997 XF11 Physical Characteristics

Asteroid 1997 XF11  is an Apollo orbit near-Earth asteroid.  It is classified as a SMSS type Xk metallic asteroid, with a diameter of approximately 0.7 km.  Its orbital period is 1.732 years

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