Diversity Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor combines the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, communication, and intercultural studies to provide an integrative field of study which examines human relations by looking at human differences and inequities (in gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and socioeconomic status) in order to develop critical thinking, cultivate knowledge, and promote intercultural communication. The minor is designed to equip students to work, live, and worship in an increasingly diverse society and to understand diversity at interpersonal, systemic, and structural levels.

Required Courses Credits
Choose at least 2 PSY 220 – Culture & Human Development (3) 6
PSY 318 – Psychology of Race and Racism (3)
PSY 320 – Stereotyping & Prejudice (3)
PSY 350 – Cultural Competencies for Practice (3)
Choose at least 1 INCL/ANTH/SOC 243: Cultural Anthropology (3) 2-3
SOC/PSY 218: Social Psychology (3)
SOC 335: Diversity in the Workplace (2)
SOC 362: Gender Relations (2)
Electives: 6-7
Any of the above courses beyond the minimum (6-7)
COMM/INCL 225: Intercultural Communication (3)
INCL/ANTH 310: Intercultural Competencies (3)
INCL 201: Introduction to Global Issues (3)
POLS 205: In Search of Justice (3)
PSY 325: Human Sexuality (3)
THEL 230: Building Shalom: Justice, Love, and the Christian Life (3)
THEL 240: Ethnicity, Race, and the Church (3)
THEL 332: Poverty, Wealth, and the Christian Gospel (3)
WRIT 312: Writing for Social Change (3)
Special Topics Courses as Approved By Department Chair (2-3)
Total (minimum) 15